Monday, August 13, 2007


My friend Sonya is travelling across the lower 48, interviewing and photographing people reading - a country-wide expansion of her localized project (People Reading) to do the same in San Francisco. Her goal is to hit all 48 contingent states in 2 months on a Greyhound Discovery pass - kind of like the poor man's EuroPass. I love both projects, and, as I've said before, Sonya's frank and non-judgemental presentation of the wide range of both people and books she encounters is refreshing and enlightening. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with this land of ours, and then I'll see someone reading Dostoevsky and I have new hope. Lately Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows appears again and again, and it's just incredible to see all manner of people enjoying the same book.

I've always wanted to be featured in Sonya's blog - and finally my dream came true!

Check out Dogeared to see if Sonya's coming through your area and get a glimpse of what people are reading across the United States!


Sonya said...

Thanks, Kelly! Today I am in Bowling Green. No one here really knows how the town got its name. Long hunters who did lawn bowling is a theory, though no one has the story about who long hunters are are were. Anyway, it's a sleepy little town between Nashville and Louisville.

I met a woman in Cincinatti who was reading an animal book and I recommended the one you were reading to her!

Hope you're good.


simon said...

well written, affectionate, and interesting blog.

if you ever get the chance, come visit me


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