Thursday, June 21, 2012

What was that book?

Found a great website where people post about books whose titles they've forgotten and other people chime in with the answers: What was that book?  Of course, I immediately posted the description of a book of short stories I've been searching for for YEARS.  I hope someone knows what it is called!

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David Vertigan said...

Hi everyone/anyone,
I recently read a short story in an anthology (I think). I can't tremeber where I read it, who it was by or what it was called.

It was told from the perspective of a group of affluent young people living in a developing world country with a vast gap between rich and poor. Nearby their hotel there was a quarantine zone or camp in which the sufferers of a mysterious illness were being housed. This illness casused lethargy in its sufferers and eventually caused its sufferers to sing a single sustained note simultaneously at various times. When the sufferers where singing, anyone who had previously been cured of the disease experienced a strong urge to return to the quarantine zone.

The affluent young people entered the zone to document what was going on in the camp.

If anyone knows the name of this story or the author I'd love to find out.

Thank you,