Sunday, January 05, 2014

Life After Life

Here's my review of Life after Life on Newcity Lit!

These are a few quotes I didn't include in my review but really want to remember.

Ursula found it very odd to think that up above them there were German bombers being flown by men who, essentially, were just like Teddy. They weren’t evil, they were just doing what had been asked of them by their country. It was war itself that was evil, not men.  Although she would make an exception for Hitler. ‘Oh, yes,’ Miss Woolf said, ‘I think that man is quite, quite mad.’


He prodded his enormous tongue, like an ox’s, against the portcullis of her teeth and she was amazed to realize that he was expecting her to open her mouth and let the tongue in.


“Long, lazy days like these will never come again in your life. You think they will, but they won’t.”

“Unless I become incredibly rich,” Ursula said. “Then I could be idle all day long.”

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