Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tournament of Books!

Update on the Tournament of Books... I saw my dad creating one of these... bracket things (?) for what I believe was recent basketball activity.  I have only read two of the books in the tournament, but there are quite a few others I'm interested in (The Art of Fielding, The Sense of An Ending, and Swamplandia).  The two books I have read happened to be against each other - The Marriage Plot vs. Green Girl - surely quite randomly as they have little to do with each other in basically any way.  I thought Edith Zimmerman's judging was hilarious and the "Match Commentary" rather astute.   Obviously The Marriage Plot comes out on top, but I do think it's a very odd pairing.  Maybe that's how these bracket things (???) work for all I know.


Then I noticed Zimmerman interviewed Zambreno on The Hairpin.  It was only partially awkward because Zimmerman like, straight-up said she didn't like the book, but then they managed to have a nice conversation.

Bracket thing

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