Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Special Topics, part deux

So, I try very hard not to read dust jackets, and when I read a hard-cover book, I take them off, cause they just get in the way and get all torn up. So, 350 pages into Special Topics, which I was almost literally unable to put down since yesterday's post, something shocking happened. Something which is written right on the jacket, but I didn't see coming because I didn't read it. Anyway, the approximately 150 pages left were quite thrilling, and I hesitate to say much because I don't like to give things away - I'll just beg you to avoid the jacket (and the website) and read this book right away!

Oh, BTW, it turns out Marisha Pessl's among the young and beautiful (see previous posts) who also happen to be brilliant. They sure do make an unemployed, out-of-shape, unpublished gal like myself feel like they haven't done much with their lives.

Well, I think next I'm either going to read The Hours, or Sabbath's Theatre, by Phillip Roth. I don't believe either involves a prep school. If you read Special Topics in Calamity Physics, let me know what you think!


Sonya said...

I like the idea of walking into a book blind. If we already know what the arc of the story is before we begin reading, there's a possible--and entirely unnecessary--struggle between how the author wants the reader to settle into the book and what we want to jump ahead into.

Sonya said...

Kelly,You haven't updated since the 10th. What are we going to read about?

Sonya and Liz

Grandma said...

The "shocking" thing that happens is also mentioned by the narrator in the beginning of the book, in the part before she tells us how her mother died. So it shouldn't have been shocking at all.